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Two Rules of Design: Keep it fresh and make it simple.

March 20, 2020

Over the last month we have been working with our designers (Paul&Sam) and completed the redesign of GluIQ, improving and simplifying the user interface. This has now been put live along with the lessons learned functionality mentioned in our last blog. In light of the recent covid-19 outbreak in the UK our staff are now working from home in order to continue the development of GluIQ without delay. 

Over the next month we have two main goals. The first is to draw out important lessons learnt relevant to new projects being created. We have already started to implement the key natural language processing features which analyse our user’s lessons learnt and documents. This step is to implement the visual features that will give our users key insights.  

The second is to upgrade the system we use on our server (Django) to the most recent and secure version available. This goal is to provide our users with the continued security they currently receive when using the system. Django support some versions of the system long term providing security updates for two years, their last long-term support version is coming to the end of its life. Therefore, it is imperative that we take time away from developing new features and instead focus on security of the system. Over this period anyone using the system will see no change and it is important to note that the system will remain secure. 

Whilst under construction, we would like to expand our Beta tester audience currently benefiting from GluIQ’s functionality. If this is of interest to your organisation then please email at: enquiries@gluiq.com  where a representative will handle your request personally. 

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