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Automated testing – which one suits us?

September 9, 2020
Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio or TestProject?

It’s my third week and I’m presenting my research and recommendations on automation testing tools to Matthew. It had been suggested that I spend a week testing out both recommended tools to determine which would be most suitable to our needs – enabling automated testing.

So first up is Katalon Studio.  I’ve downloaded and installed the software and created a couple of tests, in the different modes it offered. I’ve found that it iseasy to use across all modes and I didn’t encounter any issues with the program.

Switching to TestProject. Again, I downloaded and installed TestProject but found difficulty in installing the toolkit for Python. It’s relatively new and is not supported by all versions of Python, leading me to only be able to test one of the modes that the application offered. The testing I was able to create however, ran well and again, the software was easy to use.

I conclude that because I couldn’t get access to some of the major features of TestProject and all features were included in a single package for Katalon Studio, that Katalon Studio is the best option for creating automated tests for GluIQ.

As a follow-up, I’ve created documentation for both Katalon Studio and TestProject. These include step-by-step instructions on how to create and run tests with the applications and then how to interpret the results of the tests.

Testing the two different applications has been enjoyable and has given me a greater insight into how they both worked. With this learning, I will be equipped to make a more informed decision on which would be most appropriate to use in the future.