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New Sustainability Briefing tool launched on Earth Day

April 22, 2021

Client advisory consultancy Design Thinking has collaborated with GluIQ™ to integrate their sustainability guidance and briefing tool into the GluIQ™ digital platform. Confident in the value to the sector, and as a contribution to the construction industry effort to meet climate change targets in the run up to COP 26, GluIQ™ is providing introductory free access to the first two modules – Dream It and Test It – in which Design Thinking’s ‘Employers Sustainability Requirements’ component is embedded. This new component will be available free of charge from Earth Day – Thursday 22 April 2021. Access to the full suite of eight modules and full functionality is accessible via subscription.

GluIQ™ is a cloud based, Artificial Intelligence enabled digital project knowledge management platform for the property and construction industry.

The platform has been created to address three key industry requirements, and gives a measurable and rapid return on investment. Designed specifically for forward-thinking businesses in the property and construction sector, following extensive sector research, GluIQ™

  • enables accurate construction critical data to be collated, securely stored, shared and acted upon using the very latest user-friendly SaaS (Software as a Service) technology. The ability to easily record and reference previous project problems, solutions, best practice and cost or resource saving opportunities is provided.
  • uses powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support coaching and enable informed project decisions to be made. This ensures that lessons learned from every completed project can be used to maximise the efficiency of the next one.
  • delivers low cost, secure access to any part of the solution, and data can be provided to all stakeholders. Reliance on key individuals to remember or share information on individual projects is completely removed, reducing the risk of individual or collective knowledge and expertise loss.

A system of smart workflows informs and captures the decisions made at every stage of a project from the pre-design strategies to the in-use and deconstruct phases, underpinned by global best practice and industry standards.

Design Thinking is a dedicated RIBA Client Advisory organisation whose consultants specialise in supporting client teams to write robust briefs and make considered, auditable decisions at the pre-design stages. Having observed that larger clients and developers were making public commitments to zero carbon and other sustainability targets, they realised that most small and medium sized clients without dedicated expertise were finding practical responses to the sustainability agenda quite challenging and have been piloting an ‘Employers Sustainability Requirements’ Workbook which supports client understanding and strategic decision making on sustainability topics.

Initial pilots demonstrated that the workbook format was too unwieldy to capture the high volume of sustainability guidance information and client inputs for these complex and interrelated topics, and that the data was difficult to use and interrogate in a spreadsheet format. To create a more intuitive and interactive tool, they looked for a project-based knowledge management system with the potential to capture the client and project knowledge in a form where it could be revisited, updated and have a more active purpose.

Client organisations, design teams and their advisers are now invited to sign up for this introductory offer via the GluIQ™ website and start to create a practical record of their project sustainability objectives and briefing decisions.

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